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Bell Marine Co. Inc. History


Kay Bell Jr. started Bell Marine Co., Inc. in the San Francisco Bay area as a supplier of sand dredged from San Francisco Bay. Operating from Redwood City, CA., Bell Marine used a specially built hopper barge / dredge to bring the sand to shore where is it was sold for joint trench back fill material as well as the production of concrete. 


At one point Bell Marine began to accept demolition concrete and asphalt for recycling at the Redwood City property.  A portable crushing and screening plant converted the rubble to Aggregate Base (AB) Rock for sale to locale contractors as well as the general public.


In 1983 Bell Marine Co. acquired a 20 acre property on the American river in downtown Sacramento. This Site was a former sand and gravel processing plant. Once again, a screening and crushing plant was installed and another concrete and asphalt recycling plant came on line.


When Mr. Bell sought a method of dust control for both his properties, he discovered lignin, a by-product of the paper manufacturing process. In addition to controlling dust, he discovered that it also provides road stabilization and reduced road maintenance. 


Salmon Bay Barge Line, a sister company to Bell Marine, also owned by Mr. Bell, uses their tugboats and barges to bring lignin from paper mills on the West coast of Canada to ports in the US. Once landed in the States, Bell Lignin Sales and Bell Marine Co. combine efforts to sell the lignin as a wholesaler to distributors throughout the Western United States.


The lignin is sold for many uses including road binder, dust control, feed additives, pelletizing additives, and many more applications.

Our Vision.


     Bell Marine industrial Aggregates has one clear vision.... To provide the general public and contractors a convenient way to drop off their unwanted broken up concrete and asphalt and leave with a truck full of aggregate base rock. Its that easy!

     We strive to make your visit to our yard as uneventful as possible. Our friendly staff will point you in the direction of where you need to go in the yard to drop off or to pick up. Our competent loader operators will get your truck loaded up and out the gate fast. The bell Marine vision is to make your experience as pleasant as a trip to the concrete recycling yard can be.

     With our small family owned business we are able to keep overhead down which translates to selling our products at the best price possible. 

     Plus you and your company get the peace of mind knowing that you are doing your part to help preserve our planets resources by buying recycled materials.

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